Bracelet Bar, random pick

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Bracelet Bar, random pick
Bracelet Bar, random pick

*This listing is for one bracelet bar, not the individual bracelets pictured on the bars.

Slide bracelets snugly on each end to display them beautifully at home.  Slide the bar into the included velvet sleeve for safe storage and travel.  No more jumbled piles of bracelets laying around or cracked stones and bent silver while travelling. 

Made in a variety of diameters and lengths to suit your specific needs, from the popular cuff diameter up to the fatter bangle diameter, and down to child-sized. 

Bars are approximately 10-12" long and fit most  cuffs.  There are slight variations within each size due to differences in materials available at any given time.  Please include a note during checkout if your wrists are smaller or thicker so we can choose a bar accordingly. 

 We do stock a small selection of longer bars best suited for fitting wide cuffs.

If you'd like a specific color or design, please contact me prior to purchasing.  Selection is constantly changing and I cannot guarantee color availability year-round.  If I don't hear from you prior to or post purchase, I will randomly choose one to ship.  

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